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The Ozzy Asylum was the result of years of work performed by Randy L. Pendleton. Started on February 22nd 2001 and completed in October 2003, the Ozzy Asylum began as a small portion of a personal website, which was idiotically named Nyte Chyld’s Asylum. This site contained many different sections, such as a section for poetry and another for Chaos! Comics. Embedded in this site was a small section labeled “Ozzy Links and Lyrics” which contained lyrics to Ozzy’s masterpieces and links to several other Ozzy websites. Pendleton eventually grew tired of this website, for reasons left untold and decided on moving the Ozzy section to a new website. Keeping with the older site’s title, this site became known as Nyte Chyld’s Ozzy Osbourne Asylum (later shortened to its current name, the Ozzy Asylum). Today, the Ozzy Asylum is one of the most visited Ozzy Osbourne fan/information websites online. Gratification is given to Ozzy Osbourne himself for being the driving force behind this website but more importantly, special thanks goes to each and every Ozzy fan who’s ever visited this site; if it weren’t for the Ozzy faithful, this website wouldn’t be here today.

Q’s and A’s from the horse’s mouth:

Q: How did this site get its name?
A: When I was a newbie at computers (as early as late July 1999-sad, I know), I took the screen name orakool (Don't ask). As time went on, I changed it to NyteChyld. I started building a homepage at GoPlay (they've faded into obscurity years ago) but the bastards kicked me out. So I went to Angelfire and started making a site. Some things happened (See below) and I started making this site instead. The other site's name was Nyte Chyld's Asylum (It's what I coughed up) and so naturally, I named this site Nyte Chyld's Ozzy Osbourne Asylym. Later on, though, I dropped the Nyte Chyld thing and just settled with the Ozzy Asylum.

Q: What drove you to build this site?
A: My love of Ozzy's music. That's what got me into making an Ozzy site. But it wasn't the full reason this site was built. Short story: Like I said above, I had a small homepage on GoPlay but I'm guessing they didn't like my sarcasm (and constant bitching) so they booted me out. I was pissed... even though it was just a stupid li'l homepage, I was proud of it. One night, my ex-girlfriend (I had one, yes) mentioned HTML to me and I was like "What's that?" She basically told me that it was just a really kick-ass way of making webpages. And so, because I was so mad at GoPlay, I wanted to make a website that just plain looked better than that trashy thing. It was my form of redemption. I went to Angelfire and started building. As soon as I got an account, I started building with their advanced editor. I understood the basics by the end of the night. And given time, Nyte Chyld's Asylum was built.

I must have invested hours upon hours in that thing but as time went on, I had so many junk files lying around that it became impossible to work through them all. In case ya wanna know, the site was just a place for procrastination. But it did have a small section for Ozzy. At first, the site had a Page with Ozzy links. That's it-nothing more. Later on, I decided to add lyrics, so I renamed the Page Ozzy's Links and Lyrics. And then I added sounds, pictures, and it was just growing! I was getting bored with that site so I decided to move all my Ozzy files to a new site. And this is the fruit of my labor.

Q: This is a pretty big site. Do you have tons of people who help you?
A: Nope. I do it all myself. I don't use some kind of a HTML creator; I do it all by hand, and I do it alone.

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